Fencing/Cut and Thrust custom greatsword




This weapon is a custom order for an SCA Knight who is very involved in re-creating the 14th Century, loves greatsword, and wanted a 2 hander that would be list legal for the Heavy Rapier and Cut and Thrust lists. All aspects of this weapon were designed in collaboration with the customer


A note about the Fencing Greatswords

I hand forge the quillions of these swords from a single bar of steel so there are no welds to break, and the quillion is a very strong unit. If side rings are desired, I typically weld those on. Custom hand shells etcetera can be made by special order. All of my welding is guaranteed for as long as I am still forging steel.

My preferred blade to be on the receiving end of in the list is the Hanwei Heavy Rapier Blade, which led to my becoming a dealer for Hanwei. I will build swords for any blade on the market.

If you would like a similar weapon, please email me for a designn consultation and quote




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