Handmade Knives
This is a sampling of my work (the ones I actually remembered to photograph)
Any sold pieces I will happily reproduce similar pieces



Bollock Dagger

Cable Damascus, Bronze, Dyed wood







Damascus Shark

1084/15n20 Damascus, cast bronze, stabilized burl


1084-15N20 Damascus, cast bronze, ebony, tigereye


1095/Nickel Damascus Hunter

1095/Nickel Damascus, Brass Fittings, Antler Handle

Cable Damascus trailing point hunter

Cable Damascus, Brass fittings, Antler handle


160 layer Damascus hunter

1080/5670 Damascus, Brass fittings, antler handle

Twist Damascus drop point hunter

1080/5670 Damascus, brass fittings, antler handle

1095/Nickel twist damascus dagger

blade is 1095 steel layered with nickel and twisted, fittings are wrought iron, handle is coccobolo

First knife I ever made, Carbon steel, brass fittings,

NFS, Similar design can be custom ordered

Not For Sale


Ulu, carbon steel, purpleheart, bronze rivets


Will custom make similar in 440C or CPM 154CM


Reproduction 13th Century Knife Project, blade is wrought iron with a steel edge forgewelded to it


This is the display board showing the steps for creating the reproducton 13th century knife blade. I smelted the bloom that the piece in the upper right hand corner came from Thanksgiving 2007

The bar of wrought iron and the blade forged from it were from a bloom I worked on done by Micheal McCarthy at the Ashokan Bladesmith Seminar. the composite blades are wrought iron bodies with steel forgewelded to them as an edge which is how blades were constructed in the 13th and 14th centuries.


1080/5670mod damascus 80 layers, deeply etched for a "landscape" effect. Crown stag handle.

180 layer 1084/15N20 twist damascus, brass fittings, Cocobolo handle

other side

First knife I ever forged, A2 blade whitetail crown handle

Not For Sale

Forged Crowbar Blade, antler point handle

Forged and twisted "Primal" knife, spine tempering colors left on the blade for effect. Forged and twisted crowbar

Forged crowbar blade, purpleheart handle, brass fittings, peened tang construction

80 layer 1080/5670Mod blade, brass bolster, stag handle.

Stolen at Pennsic




Cable Damascus blade, brass bolsters, cocobolo handle

13th Century construction blade (wrought iron spine, steel edge) etched for contrast, purpleheart handle

O-1 steel blade, full tang construction, brass guard, purpleheart scales, bronze rivets

blacksmith knife (sometimes called a Viking apron knife)

Cable Damascus fantasy dagger

Cable Damascus, Brass fittings, Antler handle


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