Sterling, Lapis, and Cultured pearl Elizabethan Pyramid Pendant

Sterling silver, Lapis Lazuli, and Cultured Freshwater Pearl pendant.

This piece is inspired by a piece portrayed in a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I thought to be from 1599 (illustration # 129) on page 76 referred to as the "Hardwick Portrait"and detail (illustration # 429 on page 328) of Janet Arnold's book Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd, (1988 W.S Maney &Son LTD, Leeds, Great Britain. ISBN #0-901286-20-6

The piece in the portrait is described as "Jewel 'of golde like a Peramides" set with diamonds and pendant pearls. In the portrait it is shown tied with a ribbon (according to the text a red ribbon)to the forepart petticoat of the Queen's skirt.

In the interests of capturing the spirit of the historical piece at an affordable price this pendant is made of sterling silver and lapis lazuli.


Height 4 inches, top to the bottom of the lowest pearl

Width 2 1/8 inches



Donated to the S.C.A. Barony of Delftwood as a prize for their spring event,
The Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins

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Sterling silver, lapis Lazuli, and cultured pearl Elizabethan pendant