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Welcome to the Sunshadow Design

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I have been working with metal since age 10. I worked in trade shops and high end jewelry stores doing repairs and custom fabrications as a bench jeweler for several years to refine the mechanics of my craft, while developing my own stylistic approach to goldsmithing. Utilizing traditional jewelry techniques, including repousse, solid fabrication, forging, sand casting and lost wax casting, I work primarily in 14 karat gold and sterling silver, but use other metals as appropriate. Decorative metal work is one of the oldest forms of art. Many of my designs are based upon historical pieces, updated with a contemporary flair and an eye towards new stone and metal combinations. I very much enjoy the collaborative process involved in working with clients to design custom pieces that combine their unique style with my artistic metal representations, so if you would like me to create something extra special, Email me at: or call me at (315) 480-4993.

One of my sidelines is making custom knives. I make a couple per year, and have even done my own smelting as well as participating in smelts run by Michael McCarthy and Kevin Cashen starting with ore and charcoal, and ending up with steel. I have been exploring making Damascus Steels and what I can do with them as well. Why just make a beautiful functional knife when I can make the steel beautiful, then make a a beautiful functional knie out of it

I began making fencing swords in 1987, when I started fencing in the Society for Creative Anachronism. I wasn't able to find any well made fencing sword hilts on the market, so I made myself one. People started to ask me to make them swords, and eventually custom fencing swords became a regular part of my business.

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